21 Day Clean-Eating Course

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Ready to transform your health & optimize your physical and mental well-being?

CHANGE YOUR FOOD, CHANGE YOUR HEALTH. Join Susan Chasen, Nutrition & Health Coach for a 21-day course that will improve your eating habits while satisfying your hunger with nourishing, wholesome foods. Our food choices are fundamental for good health.

You may not realize it but the foods you are eating may be sabotaging your health. The root cause of most disease and health problems start with inflammation. It can manifest as allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, eczema, gas and bloating, constipation & obesity, to name a few.

The 21-day “clean-eating” course  will give you the knowledge, resources  and tools to nourish your body and take control of your health. It will move you past diets and dieting. NO counting calories, no limiting portion sizes and no special supplements or powders to buy.

You will notice and increase in energy, a more positive mood, and maybe even a diminishing waistline, if that is your goal.

Bring your aprons, we will be cooking & sampling in my “hands-on” teaching kitchen, turning whole-foods into delicious edibles.

Your 21-day program includes:

  • Three –  live coaching sessions (at TOTK)
  • Hands-on cooking demos each session
  • Food sampling
  • A “clean-eating” manual
  • Simple, delicious recipes
  • Pantry list
  • 21-Day journal
  • Unlimited email support

COST: $395