For the past 4 years, I’ve struggled with my weight, low energy levels and a host of other bodily complaints that mount up for middle aged women. I’ve read books on clean eating, joined and quit gyms, been poked with acupuncture needles and downed tons of nutritional supplements without losing a pound or feeling better in any way. It took…

Lisa Noble

Thank you for re-connecting me to the food I eat, Susan. I realized that I needed a referee at first to show me what the limits were, then a coach to help me be successful, and now a friendly voice in my inbox (or at the farmers market) to cheer me on and give gentle encouragement. This course taught me…

Christine, a new mom and banker from Ossining

The 21-day cleanse was a perfect jump start for me.  The program not only taught me how to simply prepare and eat real foods, but also helped me lose 14 lbs. in 21 days without being hungry.  I haven’t had or bought a cup of coffee in 6 weeks now and I am enjoying the extra change in my pockets.

Derek, Cold Spring NY

A month ago my husband to be and I had our first meeting with Susan.  She introduced us to the concept of improving overall health by making small, easy changes to our diets.  We completed a 3 week cleanse and had amazing results!   We both lost weight without really trying, we’re sleeping better, have much more energy without excess caffeine,…

Alexandra & Adam, Peekskill NY

Susan Chasen’s course on healthy eating was not only extremely informative, but lots of fun!  Every week we concentrated on one topic, and spent the first hour examining and discussing the food, its benefits and various products available.  We then moved to the kitchen area, where we prepared one recipe that included the food in discussion.  One of our first…

Nancy Jenks, Cortlandt Manor NY

Susan – I already was “ignited” and “emerged” by doing this 21 day cleanse. I can’t thank you enough as doing this changed my life immensely and it would not have been possible without your guidance and support!!!!! To anyone reading this, please don’t give it a second thought – You will see results!!!!

Rhonda Heinrich, Peekskill NY

I just completed Susan’s 21 day cleanse. Logically I didn’t know why I was doing it because I had already been on a cleansing diet for three weeks prior to her class. But intuitively it just felt right. It turned out to be exactly what I needed. I learned a lot,  laughed a lot and came away with a whole…

Joyce M., Buchanan NY

The 21 day cleanse opened my eyes to a whole new world. Susan has introduced me to foods that has healed my body and have made me feel so much healthier.  After doing this cleanse, I have: more energy, lost some weight, feel more alert (no more brain fogginess), my eczema has pretty much cleared up, and I feel happy….

Kathleen, Montrose NY

Thank you so much for including me in today’s “Cooking With Greens” event.  I really enjoyed learning about greens and other things to eat and drink, and especially enjoyed that delicious and wholesome food you put together. I especially like that I can now add three veggies to my diet that I wanted to try but was wary of–kale, baby…

Bertha, Cortlandt Manor NY

Susan’s “healthy eating”  workshop was so inspiring as she obviously lives what she teaches. She even glows, which makes me want what she is eating even more! I have been working on my eating issues and cooking phobias for my entire adult life. There was something about this class that finally made healthy eating more accessible to me. I’m not…

Tanya, Psychotherapist & Life Coach

Little did I know that when I gave Rennie a Susan Chasen “Healthy Eating 101” gift certificate, I would be giving a gift to myself. From the onset Rennie returned inspired and with enthusiasm about trying new foods and procedures. I have never sampled such an array of foods, some totally unfamiliar to me, in such a short time frame….

Anne Marie, Ossining NY

I did a “21 day detox” with Susan, giving up caffeine and sugar. While it was difficult to do, Susan was always avaiiable with recipes, ideas, options and positive feedback. I was amazed at the changes I noticed after just 2 weeks. I have discovered new foods I had never tried, and will leep working with all the info Susan gave…

Liz Fareed, Cortlandt Manor NY

I did Susan’s cleanse with the intention of learning to eat cleaner, not totally cleansing, and it has been life changing. I used to eat very healthy but three kids later and always tired, I found myself eating food that was easy to make and comforting, but didn’t taste good or bring me energy. Susan’s simple information on which five…

Mary Obermeier, Croton-on-Hudson

Susan, Thank you so much for showing me how easy and simple eating “clean” can be.  The recipes you supplied for my 21 day cleanse were easy to do and  tasted so delicious. The education you provided will stay with my on every trip to the supermarket. I also appreciate the time you spent in the kitchen showing me healthy…

Ann C., Mohegan Lake, NY

Susan is LIFE in motion! She believes in nurturing every part of our being -starting simply with the cleanest, freshest food – then reminding us what nourishment looks and feels like in all areas of our lives. The Organic Teaching Kitchen is a little piece of heaven on Earth. –

Kacey Morabito Grean

In a world that seems to be more threatening everyday and where I have felt less control over what is happening in my life, I felt I had to do something that I could effect. Wanting to feel better both physically and mentally, I made the decision to learn to eat healthier and signed both my husband, Doug and myself up for Susan Chasen’s 21-day…

Rochelle Udell, Ossining, NY

It’s been months since I took Susan’s program, and I can’t tell you how many times I’m still silently thanking Susan for teaching me a new way to eat! I now read (AND UNDERSTAND) labels; I now think about what I’m putting into my body; I now think about how that item I’m about to eat is going to make me feel; I now have coffee and tea without sugar, and I love the new taste that I now experience without the cover up of sugar! Was it a challenge for me, yes, for sure; but a challenge well worth the reward. Thank you Susan for your passion about food, and for your continued effort to teach, share and empower others!

– Chereese Jervis, President
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